Where Are Germs In Your Bathroom?

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Germs, Germs, Germs, ……they are EVERYWHERE in the bathroom.  The bathroom is a paradise found for germs. House cleaning must be thorough.

What are germs? A “germ” is defined by thefreedictionary.com as:

germ  (jûrm)

A microscopic organism or agent, especially one that is pathogenic, such as a bacterium or virus.

Usage The terms germ and microbe have been used to refer to invisible agents of disease since the nineteenth century, when scientists introduced the germ theory of disease, the idea that infections and contagious diseases are caused by microorganisms. Microbe, a shortening and alteration of microorganism, comes from the Greek prefix mikro-, “small,” and the word bios, “life.” Scientists no longer use the terms germ and microbe very much. Today they can usually identify the specific agents of disease, such as individual species of bacteria or viruses. To refer generally to agents of disease, they use the term pathogen, from the Greek pathos, “suffering,” and the suffix -gen, “producer.” They use microorganism to refer to any unicellular organism, whether disease-causing or not.

Germs like to fester in damp and dark environments. Lots of hidden nooks and crannies give them ample space to secretly proliferate. The “popularity” of the bathroom prevents these germs from ever being lonely – as new colonies are established with each flush, rinse and mere walk-through.

It’s a daily challenge to keep a bathroom clean. Vigilant housekeeping is a must to maintain a strong foothold against bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.  Knowing how to clean a bathroom -properly- is the key to keeping you and your family healthy.

We sell a variety of bathroom cleaning products and bathroom hygiene accessories that will help you declare war on bathroom germs. Today’s marketplace is inventive and there are a multitude of cleaning products and bathroom accessories available to make cleaning your bathroom and keeping your family healthy less of a chore.

Many of us are loyal to some brands and cleaning routines out of habit or because , well, that is what we saw “Mom” do.  But a review of new bathroom cleaning products and bathroom accessories and a refresher course in how to clean to clean bathroom WILL put you in charge over germs.

Bathroom counters,sink basins,showers, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, urinals, child potty seats, faucets,flooring and even personal hygiene items such as the toothbrush —-all can fall victim to bathroom germs. In short, no surface or object —unless covered— is protected from germs in the bathroom.

Contrary, to some unwise opinions, germs are harmful. Pathogens such as E-Coli, MRSA, Staph are particularly virulent.  The influenza virus can also contaminate the bathroom. The Athletes Foot fungus can take refuge on surfaces such as the tub, showers and flooring.  Black mold can create respiratory illness. These types of germs, bacteria and mold should not be tolerated in your home.

You are smart to have a fear of germs. Leaving them to prosper undeterred is risking your health. The human immune system is under constant assault. There are PLENTY of other germs out in the general public to keep our immune functions fit. We can prevent it’s fatigue from fighting overtime rounds by keeping our homes sanitary. Reserve immune function for when it is most needed. Kill germs and maintain your health.

In this tight economy, an ounce of prevention is key to keeping healthy. Avoid costly medical bills and time missed from work —  Keep your home safe and sanitary today.

Declare war on bathroom germs!